Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Holiday Clean Up

In 2013 we spent the Winter Holiday doing some major housekeeping. It worked out so well we did it again this past holiday vacation! 

This time we tackled the car kiln room. It was pretty dark and dirty back there...
With lots of old peeling paint.
So we gathered a crew and built some scaffolding above our custom made car kilns.
We cleared out all the stuff that collects in dark, neglected corners
We scraped all the old peeling paint off the great wooden ceiling and beams and set to work painting everything else white.
Just the new paint brightened things up but we also replaced all the lighting

A new year and a new bright clean kiln room.
Take a tour of our factory and see our awesome kiln room for yourself! Just give the Portland showroom a call at 503-231-9464 to set up an appointment.