Monday, December 21, 2015

Portland Business Journal Company of the Year Awards

This year Pratt & Larson was honored to be a finalist in the Family Owned Manufacturing Company of the Year category in this years Portland Business Journal awards.  

The Business Journal solicited nominations for the Oregon Manufacturing Awards from the manufacturing community and their readers at large.  Nominations were divided into 5 categories based on number of employees as well as a family owned company of the year category.  The business journal’s editorial staff judged nominees based on financial performance, growth, innovation and job creation and retention. We are so proud to be recognized in this way as an important member of the Portland community. 
Read more about it in the Portland Business Journal here and here.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Scraffito Patterns

Back in 2013 we introduced our Scraffito series. Inspired by an ancient technique where the surface layer is scratched away to reveal a contrasting color, these designs have a wonderful hand drawn quality to them which is rarely seen in ceramics. Over the last two years the Scraffito series met with great success and continued popularity so we are pleased to announce that we have added four new designs to the series. 

Scraffito E 5x10        SC-510E
Scraffito F  5x10         SC-510F
Scraffito G  5x10        SC-510G
Scraffito H  5x10          SC-510H
These new designs are available in a 5x10.  Some of these patterns are directional so be sure to pay extra attention when you are installing them!
Scraffito E in W88
They can be ordered in a single color (Monochrome) using any one of our hundreds of glaze colors.The Watercolor glazes really show off the new patterns. The glaze pools in the recesses of the pattern and it becomes darker where it gathers.  
Scraffito F in C58
The Craftsman Glazes are a little more subtle, filling in the pattern here and there, creating different looks depending on the glaze. It's a good idea to order samples to see how the color you're considering reads on the pattern. 
C609 Scraffito G
The Craftsman Metallic glaze C609 bounces the light off of it's metallic surface, allowing the pattern to read in the subtle shine. 
R350 Scraffito H
Many R-glaze colors will pool in the patterns too, creating areas of light and dark to help the patterns read. Each color has its own look so it's important to order a sample.

You can also order the Scraffito series in Polywash, a two color process. This technique adds an accent color to the pattern. You choose both an overglaze color and an accent color There are eight accent colors you can use for Polywash shown on the tool board below.
PW 1 Polywash palette
The accent color is applied and then rubbed away leaving the accent color only in the recesses. 

The overglaze is sprayed on top of the accent color, adding a layer of transparent color. You can use any of the Watercolor glazes as an overglaze, just keep in mind the darker glazes will obscure the accent colors and the more contrast between your accent color and your overglaze color the bolder the pattern will be. The three pieces below show Scraffito pattern F using different combinations of Polywash accent colors and overglazes.
PW1 with Charcoal
PW60 with Indigo
PW79 with Mushroom
There are lots of looks you can create with these new designs. Check out our website for more ideas and information about these great new designs or if you're in Portland come by our showroom to see for yourself!