Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pratt & Larson Mosaics

If you came to our booth at Coverings in Las Vegas this year then you know we've been hard at work on our mosaic patterns. We cleaned up the shapes, tightened up the grout lines and sorted through the patterns; imagining them in all sorts of fresh color combinations. There's a new brochure with images of these patterns for inspiration and it also has black and white line drawings to use in designing your own color combinations. Download the brochure here

Choose high contrast colors for bold patterns, and bright colors for a touch of whimsy.

Go with low contrast and pale color combinations for a quiet subtle look. 
With our hundreds of glaze colors to choose from there is no end to the variations.

Change the colors,
or change the scale. There's so many options.

Use the line drawings to design your own color combinations. 
Just tell us where you want the colors placed and we'll send you a sample.
And there's so many colors to choose from....