Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coverings 2012 part 2 - The Panels

Our booth at Coverings was a great success thanks to all the hard work put in by the awesome team in our factory. They managed to take care of all our crazy and last minute requests (5 foot long tile anyone?!) as well as making sure all the day to day operations and orders were processed on time. We showcased 10 panels (but we made quite a few more!) using some new tile, some new glazes and a lot of new ideas. These panels are heading back to us from Florida and if you're in the area they'll be going up on display in our Portland showroom. We are also working on smaller concept boards so our dealers can add them to their displays in showrooms across the country. 

The first panel introduces our newest line, Motif  using the new Watercolor grays. The Arabesque is a new shape for us, available in large and small sizes, shown here in some of our new Satin glazes and a new Craftsman gray.

The white panel (so hard to photograph!) has some great examples of our new large format sizes in smooth field and in Intaglio textures. The panel on the right shows off a great customization of our Elongated Ogee shape with a fun oval cut-out, in some of our new Satin glazes. 

These panels use some Bas Relief and decorative tiles that aren't new but are shown in our new Duochrome hand-painting technique. The mosaic on the bottom right uses a new shape we're calling the Fancy Hexagon.

The new Motif line will also be available using R-Gloss glazes and along with the 6x6 patterns there are a number of borders and liners. The Starry Sky panel is an older mosaic pattern that we brought out of the archives and added some sparkle to with a sprinkling of Metallic glazed stars in a Watercolor night sky. 

Our 4 most popular Intaglio textures (A,B,C &K) are now available on any of our field and mosaic shapes and sizes. They are shown here on the Elongated Hexagon and a 1/2 x 4 mosaic liner.  Another  addition to our mosaic collection is a small star and cross. We used just the cross with a 1/2 x 1/2  for this metallic panel, creating yet another new mosaic pattern! 

We'll be promoting all kinds of new looks over the course of the year as well as revisiting some great pieces from our past. It's our 30th anniversary and we'll be celebrating our history as well as looking to the designs of the future. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coverings 2012

Coverings 2012 was a great success! After 30 years in the industry this was our first time on the show floor and we had a blast. Our booth arrived in Florida without a hitch, the set up went incredibly smoothly and we were very well received. 

Starting with an empty slate we designed our booth from the support structure on up. It was a great team effort. We crated it up and sent it off to Florida. A few weeks later Tim & Anthony arrived in Orlando and put it together in just three days.

The rest of our team showed up on Sunday and  Monday - 

And the booth was packed for the next four days!

Friday night the guys started pulling it all down and shipping it home.

The response was overwhelming and we're buried in work! 
We had a great time talking with old friends and meeting new ones. Many thanks to everyone for all the wonderful feedback. 
Stay Tuned! Next up i'll post some pictures of the beautiful panels we brought to the show.