Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Pratt & Larson Bevel Tile

The Bevel tile is a timeless classic. Made famous in the Paris Metro stations in the early 1900's it still remains a popular choice for today's kitchens and bathrooms. Pratt & Larson offers three sizes of Bevel tile: 3x6, 4x8 & 5x10 plus squares in 3x3, 4x4 & 5x5. Download our brochure here.

Metro Bevel tile in a Paris subway station - from wikipedia
By 1910 those old Paris subway stations were getting pretty ornate.
A white glaze is a popular choice and it can work with installations of any style, from traditional to contemporary. We have a wide range of whites to choose from in glossy, crackle, satin or matte.

P&L 3x6 Bevel tile in a glossy white.
In a flashy metallic glaze like C607 shown here it creates a dramatic, luxurious effect.

From Rebecca Reynolds and the Kitchen Design Network
Craftsman Metallic glazes C600 & C607

The beauty of ordering a Bevel from Pratt & Larson is that you have hundreds of colors to choose from and each of our glazes creates a different effect.

Watercolor glazes pool at the lower edge of the bevel emphasizing the dimensions of the bevel.

W43 Bevel bathroom 
 In the image below you can see how the Watercolor glazes pool at the bottom edge of the bevel, accentuating its shape. In the darker colors this effect is more pronounced.

Watercolor Glazes W43, W87 & W1 
R-gloss glaze series has the most color options, from white to bright with a beautiful glossy sheen. These glazes are a little more opaque and soften the lines of the bevel slightly.

R-Gloss glazes RUW, R62, R147

With their soft sheen the Satin glazes are a beautiful choice for the Bevel tile.

Satin glaze S3
There are so many beautiful variations you can achieve with Pratt & Larson tile. See your options at a showroom near you and order some Bevel tile samples for your next project.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Shapes from Pratt & Larson

The first thing to come to mind when you are thinking about tile is usually the classic but utilitarian square and rectangle or subway tile. While we have lots of variations on those timeless squares and rectangles, Pratt & Larson has a wide array of interesting and contemporary tile shapes as well. We've just recently added several new ones. Download the brochure from our website.

This is our new Elongated Fan. It's beautiful in a single color or in color blends, both light and dark, as you can see in these two concept boards. 

Similar in style is the new Elongated Crescent. It's a bit more streamlined and smaller than the Elongated Fan and almost has a retro look in the bright color version to the right. These pieces come loose so you can set them in any direction. The images above show you a couple of options, the first is all oriented in the same direction, the second changes direction from one row to the next, changing the look of the pattern dramatically.

The Rhomboid and the gem shaped Facet offer some sharp angles in contrast to the soft curves of the Elongated Crescent and Fan. In either high contrasting colors or a softer color blend they have a very contemporary and modern feel.

The Hourglass shape is a fresh take on a classic pattern sometimes known as the dog bone. Pratt & Larson's version uses a single shape that suggests a woven pattern when used in two colors. Choose a high contrast color combination for a dramatic basket weave or checkered effect.

The last time we added new shapes was back in 2012, check out the blog post for those fun shapes here.