Monday, November 12, 2012

New Shapes at P&L

We're introducing a ton of new shapes to our line! It all started when we added the Arabesque shape to our line, now we just can't seem to stop.

First we have the Small Fan. It comes netted in two patterns and with all of our colors to play with there are so many possible looks. As you group them together you can see where some of our other new shapes came from... 

The Lantern has a great curvy shape. You can see it's inspiration in the board above, four small fans make one Lantern.  It's a more contemporary take on the traditional arabesque.

Then there's the Scalloped Fan which was also inspired by the Small Fan. Four small fans equal one Large Scalloped Fan. In gray I think they look like our cloudy Portland sky.

 They also come in a small size, in case you're not a Portlander and like a smaller dose of clouds.


Finally there are a few new shapes with a very contemporary look.

The Small Trapezoid, the Flat Cross and below is the Square Lantern.

We've been having a such a great time coming up with all these new shapes there's bound to be more.
 Stay Tuned!  

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