Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Introducing Scraffito

 Inspired by an ancient technique where the surface layer is scratched to reveal a contrasting color, the Scraffito collection was created by Michael Pratt in celebration of our 30th anniversary. Using an etching process to explore the Scraffito technique, Michael created patterns with wide ranging influences from medieval Europe to Arabic geometry. The designs all have a wonderful hand drawn quality to them which is rarely seen in ceramics, and they are continuous to create large fields of beautiful pattern. A brochure is available on our website to download.

There are 4 patterns available in the new line; each comes in an 8x8 and a 5x10 format:

 The Scraffito series can be ordered in any of our glazes. They all work beautifully - the opaque glazes create a more subtle pattern and the translucent Watercolor glazes pool in the recesses which brings out the design.

Scraffito pattern C in C607

 You can also use our new hand painting technique - Polywash to add an accent color and really bring out the patterns:

Scraffito pattern B in PW1 with Golden accent
There are 8 accent colors carefully formulated for Polywash. Each accent color has a name. The palette below shows the accent colors under W1 Watercolor glaze.

 The accent color is applied and then rubbed away leaving the accent color only in the recesses. The over glaze color is sprayed over the top, adding a layer of transparent color. You can use the 8 accent colors under any of the Watercolor glazes, just keep in mind the darker glazes will obscure the accent colors and the more contrast between your accent color and your over glaze color the bolder the pattern will appear. Hereare some new concept boards showing different ways of using this versatile new line. We can't wait to see how you use it in your next projects!

Update: Concept Studio sent us these pictures of the  beautiful Scraffito installation in their Costa Mesa showroom.  We just had to share them!

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