Monday, April 18, 2011

Pratt & Larson Outlet Store Projects

New tile is always turning up in the Outlet Store. Some times it's material that didn't come out quite the right color, sometimes it's discontinued tile, or a sample run, or an overrun... and it's not all ones and twos! Sometimes quite a bit of material turns up in the Outlet all at once. Once in a while you can find enough material to do your whole project in one go, and other times you have to come back again and again to find the last few pieces you need. What to do with those beautiful tiles you scored at the Outlet? Here's a few great pictures by some very talented people who were nice enough to share. 

First up is an amazing laundry/bath floor by Megan Klepp of Ta-Dah
Dots Dots and more Dots! 
The work in progress

It's tiring work!
 Here's a totally different style project using broken tile and glass. It's also by Megan at Ta-Dah who sells her fantastic mosaics on her website.  She also offers her services for custom mosaic installation work in case you're not a do-it-yourselfer. Cant wait to see the final pictures from this project!

Sometimes you'll find a large batch of a single tile. Bethany found a ton of our Bas Relief tiles and the color works so nicely with her soap stone counter top.

But even if you don't find quite the right amount of one single tile you can mix and match artfully to create a  blend of colors and no one will know you didn't custom order the whole project. Here's a great example in this bathroom installed by Bill Stanley at Old School Renovations. The blend of neutral colors is tied together so nicely by the darker textured border from our Intaglio series. Visit Old School Renovations website to see more pictures of their remodeling work.
The work in progress
Close up of the great Intaglio series border

 If you're looking for tile for your project don't forget to check out what's new in the Outlet Store. It changes every day. Be sure to send us pictures of all your tile projects. We love to see them!

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