Friday, March 30, 2012

The new entry is complete!

The new entry to our showroom is complete. I'm sure there will be a bit more fussing and fine tuning but it's really beautiful. Bright and inspiring! Maybe the best part of the new entry is that the panels are easily removed, which means we can keep it updated, exciting and new.

On the right side we are showcasing our newest line - Motif. There are 3 large panels to give you a sense of how it might be used in your home and 9 concept boards to show you all the pattern options.

The other side has a Northwest feel, and highlights the fact that we make our tile right here in Portland, Oregon. There is a wall of great shots from our factory so you can see just how we make all these beautiful tiles (but you should still take the tour!)  

There are 4 panels showing  new contemporary takes on some of our favorite Craftsman style pieces, and a fantastic Craftsman glazed floor in our new Arabesque shape. 

 As always, it's even better in person. Come in and tell us what you think! 

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