Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Motif

Introducing Motif - the newest addition to the Pratt & Larson line. 

Motif uses a graceful line to contain small areas of different colors or to carve a pattern through a single field of color.

There are 8 patterns available in a 6x6 size. Four have a stylized floral type pattern -

and four have a more geometric style.

There are liners, borders and 2x2's as well.

They look beautiful in a single color -

and they are dazzling multicolored - using our ColorFill technique.

We've designed 9 standard ColorFill options -

but you can use our palette of 36 colors to create any combination you like.

Visit a showroom near you for samples and literature on our brand new line, Motif.


  1. Do you have solid color tiles in these colors & finishes? A mix of some of the darker colors in a random accent row is what I'm looking for. Any ideas? Ideal size is about 1.5" by 3".

    1. Hi, Sorry for the slow reply! These tiles come in all of our hundreds of colors - but they are only available in 6x6, 2x2 and 1/2x8. Visit one of our dealers near you to see the whole line in person! Thanks for your interest in our tile!