Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Mosaic Room

We finished the floors in the mosaic room over the holiday break. It looks terrific, and it's really great to have a whole space dedicated to our mosaics.

There are 9 new floor pads using our mosaic patterns in glazes suited for the floor. We've used some larger scale mosaics on the floors so you can compare the patterns in different sizes.

 The Mosaic credenza is filling up too - the compartments on top hold boards that show many of our mosaic patterns in white so you can focus on the patterns first. In the drawers are 1x1 color samples so you can play around and create you own color blends to use with the pattern you choose.

 Above the credenza are grouted mosaic boards, each showing a finished square foot of mosaics in exciting colors. I'm hoping to switch those out often so we can keep the display looking fresh and new, plus it's so fun to play with the patterns and colors we just keep coming up with more!

Here's a closer look at the new floor pads - 


As always - they look best in person so come on in for a visit!