Monday, March 4, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year - Emerald

Emerald Green
Pantone tells us that Emerald is the color of the year for 2013. I took a look at our palette and while we've been known for our rich earthy Craftsman greens Pratt & Larson also makes quite a few brighter, more Emerald greens too.

R210 4x4 field tile

 There are beautiful greens in all our glaze families.

Green Motif

Green Paisley

 Green Small Fans

If Emerald is a little too dark for you we have a green for everyone. 
And of course we can custom color match too!

There's more Emerald green pictures on our Pinterest page too, be sure to follow us for lots of great pictures.


  1. Although it isn't emerald, I LOVE my green tile! Can't believe I have locally handcrafted tile in my kitchen. Thanks, Pratt and Larson!

    1. So glad you are pleased with your Pratt & Larson tile! Thanks for letting us know and we'd love to see a photo!