Friday, October 28, 2011

Color Inspiration Gray and Golden Yellow

Gray. The neutral everyone loves to talk about, myself included! Here in rainy Portland, Oregon we get plenty of gray. Our skies are gray 222 days a year (according to the Western Regional Climate Center). So maybe that's why I'm so happy to embrace the gray-yellow combination that's been the talk of the town lately, I can always use a little sunshine!

photo via Belle Maison
I've matched up some great inspiration photos with their tile interpretations of this lovely color combo in glass and ceramics. For starters, here's a lovely color palette.

Color Collective palette
On the Color Collective blog they pull color palettes from the beautiful images that inspire them. The colors are shown right underneath making them easy to use as a starting point for any kind of project. A great place to look if you need a little help with color combinations.

photo from Better Homes & Gardens via Casa Sugar

I love these yellow medallions and the beautiful warm gray wall color. It seems like a fun place to start and it immediately called to mind Pratt & Larson circle tile. This random circle blend plays on the medallion look above with a spattering of golden circles. Just a tiny punch of color can be enough to liven up an installation.
P&L random circles in W30, W88 & W89

I noticed these Intaglio textured tiles below in the factory getting ready to be shipped out, they have a much softer feeling to them and a warmer gray like the wall color behind the bright medallions that works nicely with the tatami like textures.

P&L Intaglio textures in W70 and W81
Stripes! I love this bedding. The quilted stripes in the yellow cover are a nice quiet echo of the bold gray and white stripes. So clean and crisp!
photo from Dwell via Apartment Therapy
Here's a field of Pratt & Larson random length stripes that might be just the thing for the bathroom connecting to this bedroom!
P&L random netted rectangles in R350 & R25
Or, if you like a bolder look here's some big wide stripes in a glass mosaic tile.
photo from Belle Maison

The Kellie pattern by Scalamandre in French Blue, Yellow and Off White uses the gray and yellow combination in a beautiful swirling pattern.

Kellie wallpaper by Scalamandre via Morrison Polkinghorne
If it's a more floral decorative pattern that catches your eye, take a look at our Vine Flower pattern. Shown here in two Duochrome colorways, I think the tiny yellow liner ties the whole look together in either colorway. 

P&L bas relief Vine Flower in DW79 & DW76 with a W25 liner

                 photo from Martha Stewart                                                 photo from Belle Maison

And finally here's a great assortment of yellow and gray prints framed with a touch of silver from Martha Stewart's website along with an installation of glass mosaics in assorted size squares that has a similar feeling.

You can interpret all kinds of images into tile, either using them as a palette starter like on Color Collective, or taking the overall feeling or patterning as your cue. Collect all kinds of images for inspiration and bring them in when you visit our showroom so we can help you find just the right tile to compliment your style.


  1. Love it! Grey and Yellow with Pratt and Larson Tile - a beautiful and classic look! Thank you for sharing.