Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the Factory - Custom Color Matching

Today's "In the Factory" post is all about our custom color matching service. We have hundreds of glaze colors but sometimes you're looking for something very specific that isn't part of our standard glaze line. Don't worry! We can match most anything.Paint chips, vintage tile, fabric swatches, we've matched it all.

 This client sent us a series of paint chips to match.

Here's the sample chips of the custom glazes we created to match the paint chips.

And here's the swatch of Mosaic border 25 they requested in the custom colors.

It takes us about two weeks to match a sample and then we'll send you a chip to approve, or in this case a chip and a mosaic!

Here's another example of a custom color project. This client had fallen in love with some pieces of an old tile that was made on a red clay body. The red clay really shows through the glaze lending a warmth to the color that we just couldn't recreate on our white clay.

So we first sprayed the tile with a red slip, (slip is like liquid clay) which you can see here on the ends of the finished tiles. 

Then we applied the green and blue glazes. Success!

We love to work on custom projects, custom shapes, custom artwork and custom colors. If you have something special in mind chances are good we can make it happen!

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