Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Newest Vignette

Our new Craftsman Vignette is complete! 

At the top is Cascade Blend # 1, our tile and stone mosaic series, and Intaglio pattern A 3x8 in C203 which has a lovely soft texture.

Here's a close up:

From there it switches to a warm Bas-Relief pinecone in C92 with C205 for the counter and trim.

 Here's a close up of the Bas-Relief:

It's anchored with a great base cabinet of C70 Wall Relief and a beautiful DW52 hand painted pinecone border.

The pinecone decorative relief border is hand painted in Duochrome for a tone on tone effect.

As always it's even better in person, so stop by the showroom to see for yourself!


  1. Does Pratt and Larson also manufacture the vases that are shown above?

  2. We make the garden pitchers (and a few other platters and dishes) but not the green vases, I believe those came from a local decorating supply shop here in Portland called Cargo.