Friday, October 14, 2011

Pratt and Larson Factory Tour

Did you know that we make our tile in Portland, Oregon?
We have a great team of amazingly talented artists and craftsmen who oversee all of the many many steps that go into producing Pratt and Larson Tile. Here's a little factory tour so you can see for yourself.

Making tile in the Extruding Dept
Creating the original artwork in the Casting Dept
Filling the molds in the Casting Dept
Loading the Bisque Kiln
Mixing the Glaze in the Glazemaking Dept

Glazes are applied by hand in the Hand Painting Dept

And applied with a spray gun in the Glazing Dept
Mesh mounting the Mosaics in the Netting Dept
If you're in town come on in and ask for a tour at the front desk!
 We love to show off. 

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